Be salt aware

An awareness of salt levels in our foods and it’s impact on our cardiovascular health is certainly not a new concept and the latest media reports suggest that levels of salt are slowly decreasing in part due to the manufacturers, retailers and public awareness. As the public focus has been […]

Feed your Child’s Brain

The brain has priority in nutrient supplies above all other organs, utilising 20% of oxygen and calorie intake making it the most metabolically active part of the body. Understanding how the brain develops, functions and an appreciation of its needs can help support optimal brain development.          The developing brain: […]

Creative Healthy Swaps

Whilst searching for healthier choices many individuals have moved away from modern grain products for many different reasons often associated with health or simply to try something different. Looking for alternatives can prove nourishing, beneficial for our health and delicious.   The grain of today is far removed from the […]

Simple Pancake Swaps!

Looking for healthy, tasty food that the whole family will enjoy is important. Using a traditional pancake recipe of white flour, salt and eggs or even a ready prepared mix alongside sugary fillings and toppings isn’t the most nutritious option. Finding healthier alternatives is always possible by just making a […]