Cooking with Children

Traditionally family recipes and secrets would be passed down in the kitchen with generations cooking together but as lifestyles have got busier finding time to teach some of these basic life skills has diminished. It undoubtedly requires extra time to prepare and cook with children and the home can provide […]

All about Gluten!

When talking all about gluten who better to interview than Dr. Tom O’Bryan one of the worlds leading experts in Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac Disease, and Autoimmunity. Hearing what gluten actually is and what it does inside everyone’s body is hugely insightful especially when gluten intolerance/sensitivity is often dismissed as […]

The Food Teachers View from Qatar: Promoting Health in the Battle against Obesity

Visiting Doha in Qatar to see first hand how a country are working to address their alarmingly high rates of obesity and diabetes was an amazing experience. The launch of a Healthy Food Initiative at the 7th edition of the Qatar International Food Festival (#QIFF2016) was one example of vital […]

Is Water on tap?

Water is essential for life and is critical for a whole host of different functions in the body. The importance of keeping children well hydrated and drinking water throughout the day can often be underestimated. Ensuring fluids are always available, encouraging sipping, and understanding how food can help children keep […]